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Top 4 Closet Design Trends of 2024

Each year brings new styles in home design, including an array of exciting new closet design trends. This year, we’re seeing fresh possibilities in flex spaces, personal wellness, closet amenities, and minimalistic designs.

Here’s what you need to know about 4 of 2024’s top closet design trends.

Flex Closets

Have you heard about flex design? This adaptable design style allows people to adjust their storage features to meet their changing needs. Flex spaces have become a top trend in home design over the past few years.

The COVID-19 pandemic suddenly brought people together in close quarters, creating an urgent need for extra storage. Houses began bursting at the seams and there was a huge boom in demand for self-storage units

Any room or closet that can be reshaped, reorganized, or repurposed is more sustainable over the long term. Forbes says flex spaces are essential to future-proofing our daily environments.

In a flex closet, someone can adjust the height, spacing, and layout of their various storage features. A flex closet is perfect for a home office, spare bedroom, attic space, or almost anywhere else – including a standard closet getting a new lease on life with innovative storage features.

The Age of Amenities

We live in an era of abundance, sometimes called the Age of Amenities. Homeowners are well aware of how many amenities they can potentially include in their homes and often aspire to lives of greater luxury.

Custom closets are in-demand amenities because they make peoples’ lives easier and more pleasurable. They’re tired of basic, builder-grade closets. They want luxurious closet touches to make everyday life feel more glamorous.

Personal Wellness

A closet is more than just a storage space. It’s also a personal space someone uses dozens of times per week, so it impacts their lifestyle and mental wellness.

For many people, maintaining a tidy closet is an essential aspect of preserving a sense of order and control. In the latest International Housewares Association Marketwatch study, 81% of respondents said mental wellness is somewhat to very important in their daily home lives.

Add closet organization features that will provide a sense of peace and contentment. 

  • Ergonomic designs and features
  • Assistive features for those with limited mobility
  • Soft-close doors and drawers
  • Clutter-reducing layouts

In addition to incorporating these helpful storage features, consider adding custom colors and textures so every closet feels personal and welcoming.

From Maximal to Minimal

Not everyone loves the maximalist closet style of the last few years. For example, a maximalist closet might have shiny brass clothing rods, velvet hangers, tailored display shelves, and glittering oversized drawer knobs. While these features look aesthetically pleasing on Instagram, they can be a bit overwhelming in the average house.

Instead, consider joining the latest trend toward closet minimalism. RealSimple suggests trading the black velvet hangers for sleek, clear acrylic hangers. Replace heavy colors like black and purple with airy white and natural wood tones.

Hidden storage provides an easy way to slim down the visual clutter in closets. Add security and privacy by tucking precious items away in hidden doors, drawers, and nooks.

Give careful thought to features like open vs. closed shelves in closets. Open shelves can look beautiful when they’re methodically organized, but closed shelves often give a more sophisticated and minimalistic look that’s on-trend for 2024.

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