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Adding Luxurious Touches to Basic and Builder-Grade Closets

Walk into a luxury home and peek in the closets, and you might be surprised to see builder-grade boxes. Even expensive, high-end homes sometimes end up with basic closets.

They don’t have to stay that way! With your help, any closet can become a luxury closet. 

Whether you’re designing a closet for a brand-new home or upgrading an existing closet, success comes from paying attention to the details. Here’s how to add style and function.

Customize For the Homeowner’s Lifestyle

Start with a collaborative discussion about how the homeowner plans to use their closets. Discuss everything from their overall storage capacity to their daily schedule of waking up and accessing their closets. 

What are their needs and frustrations? What’s working now and what isn’t? Listen to their concerns and address them one by one while custom-designing new closets.

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution. A bedroom closet almost always needs a completely different design from a pantry, hall closet, laundry closet, or mudroom closet. Each type should be tailored to its function and designed to match the elegant style of the home, keeping the users’ preferences in mind at all times. 

Consider their height, age, and mobility. For example, a child’s closet needs extra safety features including wall-mounted stability brackets. A shorter person will have a hard time reaching high places in the closet, so they may like having built-in steps. These customized features provide a feeling of everyday luxury.

Rethink Rods and Shelving for Bedroom Closets

Many bedroom closets are built with a single, long rod across the top. It’s time to rethink this traditional layout because it’s rarely the best solution for someone with a large amount of clothing to store.

Instead, consider installing two or three shorter rods along one side for hanging clothes. This takes advantage of the extra space at the top and bottom of the closet. Most closets have 5 to 10 feet of wasted space in these areas.

On the other side of the closet, add floor-to-ceiling custom-built shelves or drawers depending on storage needs. Open shelves, including wood and glass shelves, look stylish with matching baskets or containers to hold small accessories and other items.

In a large walk-in closet, divide the space into zones with rods, drawers, shelves, and so forth. Large closets usually look the most luxurious when the clutter is hidden and objects are gathered behind closed drawers and doors.

Add Elegant and Functional Storage Features

Function meets beauty in modern closets. Today there are hundreds of different closet storage features available. Have you tried these options?

Bedroom Closet Features

  • Built-in movable double closet rods
  • Custom-designed hidden jewelry holders
  • False walls and moving walls
  • Rolling or sliding purse holders
  • Slide-out velvet drawers for watches, sunglasses, and more
  • Sliding and fold-away tie racks
  • Vertical wall cubbies for shoes or accessories

Kitchen Pantry Features

  • Customized pantry pull-outs and sliders
  • Deep drawers for drinks and bulky items
  • Hidden spice racks
  • Open cubby holes
  • Pull-out recycling and trash bins
  • Sliders and lifters for heavy appliances
  • Slim shelves attached to doors and cabinets

Mudroom, Laundry, and Other Closets

  • Hook hanging system
  • Laundry room features, like a fold-away ironing board or worktop
  • Peg wall or wall-mounted hanger system
  • Plenty of floating shelves and hanging cabinets
  • Pull-down hanging bars and racks
  • Sliding panels and hidden storage along the closet wall perimeter

Complete the Look With Luxury Colors and Lighting

Elegant lighting tops off the luxe look. It also amps up the brightness in these dark spaces, making it easier to see what’s inside.

Dress up the closets with custom colors and textures. The closets should feel just as beautiful as the other rooms in the home. Add a tasteful wall color or designer wallpaper to make the space feel more unique and complete. 

Update and Upgrade Any Closet with ClosetParts

When it’s time to design a luxurious closet, ClosetParts is here to serve as your closet design partner. We’ll help you locate and order the parts you need to thrill your clients with stylish and functional closets.

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