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Creating Hidden Closet Storage for Jewelry, Electronics, and More

It’s no secret that homeowners love hidden storage. One of the most common home complaints is a lack of storage space. It’s #1 on the list of Money Magazine’s Homeowners’ Top Gripes.

Let’s solve this storage dilemma! It feels almost magical to find extra storage space hiding in unexpected places. Here’s how to create hidden closet storage in any home.

False-Front Drawers and Walls

False-front drawers are typically used in kitchens to hide unsightly views of plumbing and wiring. You can take this concept out of the kitchen and into any custom closet in the living room, entertaining area, bedroom, or practically anywhere else.

Use false-front drawers, doors, cabinets, and walls to invisibly conceal what’s inside. Install a secret release point that would be hard to guess without knowing its location, like a hidden button or lever.

For maximum security, control access with a combination lock or digital device. This is an excellent solution for items that are needed frequently but are too valuable to leave out in the open, like IDs, passports, cash, jewelry, and documents.

Secret Stairway Storage

Is there room in the house for under-stair storage? This is often a dead space, so it’s the perfect spot to add a small and secure closet. 

Consider installing deep sliding or rolling drawers for maximum usability. Sliding drawers are perfect for storing bulky items like backpacks and sports gear or out-of-season items you only use a few times a year, like holiday decor.

The under-stair area is also an ideal spot to stow electronics when not in use. You can even have an electrician install outlets in your stairway storage so you can charge your devices while they’re hidden away. Order closet parts and hardware configured to fit the unusual space using a custom design tool.

Bonus Bathroom/Linen Closet

As a small space, the bathroom often benefits from bonus storage. Add extra storage with a hidden compartment somewhere in or near the bathroom. Here are a few examples:

  • Behind the bathroom mirror or a framed piece of art
  • Just outside the bathroom in a hidden-door compartment
  • Sliding out of the nook between the bathroom vanity and the wall
  • Within a camouflaged door between the studs of any bathroom wall

Garages Need Closets, Too!

A garage is just a big, empty box until it has the right storage features. Instead of keeping everything out in the open on rickety shelves, why not hide the clutter in a sturdy closet?

Garage closets are trending as people seek inventive ways to add more storage space in every room of the home. A consumer purchasing pattern study found that in a single year, U.S. homeowners added more than 108 million linear feet of closet and garage storage space.

The secret to hidden garage storage is installing plenty of shelves along with stylish doors and drawers. With the right design, a garage closet can be just as functional and fashionable as any other closet in the home.

Adding Hidden Closet Storage with ClosetParts

ClosetParts helps closet companies deliver high-quality closets in a wide variety of designs and layouts. Thrill your clients with unexpected hidden storage throughout their homes.

Designing closets is fun and flexible with ClosetParts, no matter the layout or budget. We’ll help you locate and order the parts you need to create secret storage.
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