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Design a Closet That Doubles as a Laundry Room

Did you know laundry closets were the original laundry rooms? Before homes had modern laundry rooms, the washing was simply hidden away in a linen closet or airing cupboard after being brought in from the outdoors.

Today, laundry closets are suddenly trending again. Outfitted with all the modern conveniences, they save space, hide clutter, and support busy lifestyles.

Even a small laundry closet can hold everything you need to do laundry efficiently. Turn any closet into a laundry station with a bit of creative thinking.

Prioritize the Power and Appliances

The most important, and perhaps most expensive, change to make to a standard closet is adding the right electrical outlets. A typical residential electric dryer needs a 240-volt, 30-amp circuit for a grounded 4-prong power cord. A gas dryer usually requires a 120-volt circuit for a 3-prong outlet, as does a washing machine.

Plan the placement of these new outlets to work with the locations of the washer and dryer you plan to install in the space. Stacked washer/dryer combo units are very popular for laundry closets due to their compact footprints. 

If you prefer a side-by-side washer and dryer, you gain the advantage of instant counter space over the tops of the two units. Whichever layout you choose, designers recommend leaving a few inches of space around the washer and dryer for proper airflow and for pulling them in and out as needed for routine maintenance.

Remember to add an extra waist-level electrical outlet for other laundry needs, like an iron or steamer. The more convenient the laundry closet is, the more enjoyable it is to use.

Install Shelves, Cabinets, and Countertops

Consider installing a wall-mounted closet and cabinet system to add instant organization to the new laundry closet. The parts and pieces for these closet systems are available online for fast delivery and installation.

The closet system should support typical laundry tasks, like folding clothes, hanging items, and storing baskets of dirty laundry. Ensure there is plenty of shelf room for detergent bottles, dryer sheets, and other assorted products you use.

Open shelving is popular in laundry closets for people who prefer to see and reach things easily. Cabinets and closets are a better option if you prefer to keep everything out of sight.

Add the Finishing Touches

Old-fashioned laundry closets were strictly functional and were more like outhouses for dirty chores. But today’s laundry closets are just as beautiful as they are functional, with all kinds of stylish touches to make them look fully integrated into the home’s decor.

Colors and Finishes

For a cohesive look, select closet colors and finishes to match the overall look of the home. Alternatively, you can opt for a bold and unexpected pop of color to give the laundry closet a bit of personality.


Most homeowners prefer to keep the laundry closet behind closed doors for a tidy look. Sliding, folding, and double doors are popular due to their ease of use in a small laundry room.


Don’t forget the lighting! A laundry closet needs bright lighting for chores like folding laundry and reaching deep inside the appliances. Add a ceiling light plus focused task lighting as needed.


In such a small space, your hardware will be front and center. Choose knobs, handles, and other hardware to elevate the space and add a dash of decorating style.

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