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5 Must-Have Features For Every Organized Closet

It’s no wonder that so many people turn to professional organizers and closet designers. Upgrading a closet is deeply satisfying and feels like an accomplishment, almost as if you’ve won an award.

Congratulations! You created an organized closet!

Dr. Bethany Cook, a clinical psychologist, says the desire for organization taps into the human need for predictability. She told House Beautiful, “Organizing your living space means you know where things are without searching, and this feels safe.”

With this in mind, here are the 5 essential features of a highly organized closet.

1. Custom Shelving

One of closet designers’ most common closet design tips is to start by rethinking the entire layout of the space. There’s no reason for someone to keep struggling with an old, outdated, or poorly designed closet.

Each closet should suit its owner perfectly with custom-designed shelves. Custom shelving fits any height, width, depth, or arrangement to work with the person’s belongings and lifestyle. It also comes in a wide variety of materials, colors, and finishes to suit any decor.

Although most closet shelves are open shelves, they don’t have to be. Doors and drawers keep dust and clutter under control. Closed shelving also has a minimalistic aesthetic, which is seeing a surge in popularity.

2. Drawer Organizers

Drawer dividers and organizers take closet organization to the next level. It’s a simple solution for storing all the little things in a bedroom closet, like accessories, jewelry, watches, ties, and sunglasses. 

In a child’s bedroom, use drawer dividers to store socks, hair accessories, toys, and all the millions of other little things a child likes to have around. Children usually enjoy putting things into boxes and cubbyholes, so the organizing features will encourage them to stay tidy.

Beyond the bedrooms, drawer organizers are a huge help in kitchen pantries, mudroom drawers, laundry closets, linen closets, and much more. Store small items inside built-in drawer dividers to minimize the daily hassle of rooting through overstuffed drawers.

3. Hanging Rods and Features

A single long rod for clothing is rarely the best solution. Reevaluate the best way to hang clothing and determine whether it would be better to have multiple rods, shorter rods, or even no rods at all.

Hooks and hangers are sometimes preferable to rods in hall closets, mudrooms, and kitchen pantries. These can be hidden away in pull-out features, so they take up space only when needed.

Professional organizers often suggest using a pull-out valet rod in the bedroom. It’s the perfect spot to hang an outfit for the next day or pieces when they arrive from the dry cleaners.

4. Odor and Moisture Control

Odor and moisture can wreak havoc on otherwise outstanding closets, so it’s worthwhile to take some preventive measures. Sure, it’s easy enough to place a moisture absorber on a shelf, but have you considered building one into the wall of your next closet? 

Add a built-in spot custom-designed for a moisture absorber or dehumidifier. Ensure it’s conveniently located so it will be easy to change out what’s inside, like the crystals or filters the unit uses. If pests or odor control are major concerns, the homeowner may need a cedar closet lining or cedar hangers.

5. Ample Lighting

Lighting is often overlooked as an essential aspect of good closet design. Instead of keeping the original lighting – which often means no lighting at all – you can add a bright overhead fixture to illuminate every corner and amp up the luxurious feel of the closet.

Eye-level task lighting helps in a closet, too. For example, a main bedroom closet might benefit from a small directional light. When someone is up early in the morning getting dressed for work, they can flip on this small light without waking their sleeping partner.

Motion-sensor lighting is also a welcome feature in closets. Add a motion light to a kitchen pantry, and the homeowner will never again have to flip it on while busy in the kitchen. Motion-sensitive lights are ideal for coat closets and linen closets, where people tend to have their hands full.

Add Closet Features With ClosetParts

As you can see, custom features make closets more functional and fun to use. Next time you’re designing an expertly organized closet, get the most out of the new design with custom closet features.

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