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What’s the Difference Between Builder-Grade and Custom Closets?

Builder-grade closets bring some not-so-nice words to mind. Cheap. Ordinary. Sub-par. Low-quality. 

That’s because a builder’s basic closet is designed to appease the average homeowner. It’s just a big, empty box. Maybe you’ll get a clothing bar if you’re lucky!

Custom closets take the same empty box and pack it full of storage options. Here’s how installing custom closets is so different from settling for builder-grade closets.

Design and Layout

The first and most noticeable difference between builders’ closets and custom closets is how they look. A builder’s closet rarely includes more than a clothing bar, shelf, and closet door.

The builder-grade closets in your home may or may not have any kind of shelf space like a wire, wooden, or plastic shelf that extends across its width. There’s probably no adjustability to meet your family’s needs.

By contrast, a custom closet is tailored to your preferences. Prefer to hang everything on a series of floor-to-ceiling bars? Go for it! Need lots of cubby holes for your shoes? No problem. 

From its overall design to its hardware choices, your custom closet is based on exactly how you like to store your stuff. Create a layout that suits your clothing, shoes, accessories, and everything else that needs to go in the closet. 

Quality of Materials

Quality is another major difference between builder-grade and custom closets. A custom closet has hand-selected details that are much higher quality than those in a basic closet.

Better quality also comes from the craftsmanship and expertise of the closet manufacturer. Reputable closet manufacturers can provide luxury on a budget due to their years of experience with supply chain management, raw materials sourcing, partner/client relationships, and many other aspects of working in the industry.

Durability of Your Closets

Don’t forget about the importance of durability. Builder-grade closets are simply designed to satisfy building codes and realtors. As long as they meet the minimum standards of the moment, everyone is happy.

Everyone, that is, except the eventual homeowner: you. A builder-grade closet is rarely good enough to last for decades to come, through the wear and tear of daily life. You deserve a closet made from durable materials that will stand the test of time.

Individual Style

Finally, custom closets are superior to builder closets because they offer so many stylish options to suit your home. Select the perfect materials to match your decor and make you smile every time you open the closet doors.

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