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Placing a Large Stock Order for Closet Parts

Have you ever considered placing a stock order for closet parts? A stock order is a large or bulk order that brings added benefits you might not receive with a smaller order.

3 Key Benefits of Stock Orders


Gain pricing advantages from bulk wholesale pricing. A ClosetParts associate can provide your stock pricing.


Take control of your turnaround time with a fast stock order. Design, sell, and install within days for client satisfaction.


Find endless flexibility with closet design layouts. Arrange standardized sizes as needed to meet your customers’ needs.

Example of a Stock Order With ClosetParts

Here’s an example of a stock ClosetParts order.

  • (50) 72” Verticals (All verticals are 50 to skid)
  • (50) 48” Verticals
  • (100)12,18, 24” Cam Shelves 
  • (100)  12,18, 24″ Adjustable Shelves  
  •  (30 & 36″ shelves are 50 per skid)
  • (50) 97″ top shelf (14″ x 96″ 50 per skid)
  • (25) Molded Fronts 24.5” W x 7.22” H
  • (50) Drawer Boxes 24” x 6” x 14” D boxes (same quantity for all white 1/2″ doweled drawer boxes)

How to Place Your Stock Order Now

Ready to place your stock order now? Contact ClosetParts to find the parts you need for high-quality custom closets your clients will love.
Start Your Stock Order Online or call 1-877-C-Parts1 (1-877-272-7871)