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How Fast Can a Closet Be Installed in 2023?

Today’s consumers are choosing competitive products and services from across the globe, so they’re developing a desire for luxury amenities at low prices. They also receive online orders extremely quickly, which means they want their home design projects done within days, not months.

Any interior designer or closet company must be able to meet this demand for fast and affordable services. Independent and wholesale closet suppliers are stepping up to serve a key role in the process.

Order From a Reputable Online Wholesale Supplier

When selecting a supplier, choosing one with a strong reputation for high-quality parts and timely delivery is best. There are hundreds of online closet parts suppliers, so consider their level of industry connections to organizations like the Association of Closet and Storage Professionals (ACSP) and the Closet Institute of America – Members Only (CIAMO).

To help you understand the importance of these organizations within the closet industry, we’ve summarized their background information at the following two links:

Now it’s time to place your order. When you order from a reputable wholesale closet parts supplier, you kick off a process of fast parts production and delivery. ClosetParts usually delivers closets within 7 to 10 days, and custom orders take about 15 days. You can request delivery directly to the installation site or select another location to suit your needs.

This is the secret to installing custom closets quickly within a tight budget and timeframe. Thrill your clients with personalized closet designs within days.

Accelerate the Process With Installation Prep

The process goes as smoothly as possible when you work proactively to prepare the closet space for the new closet system framework. Make sure to remove all old parts and pieces of any previous closet systems and check that the new area has room for the layout you need.

It’s time to start with wall preparation for your new structural framing and supports, depending on the wall surface material and the features of the closets you’re planning to install. Fill old screw holes in the walls, then sand and paint as needed to give a clean finish. Repaired walls should always be given ample time to dry and cure before installing a new closet system.

When your closet system arrives, look it over to ensure it has all the closet parts and pieces you need for installation. To make this process as fast and easy as possible, take a look at our 5-minute installation guide to completing a project with ClosetParts.

So, how fast can a closet be installed in 2023? The answer is: Within days. Place your order in minutes and request rush delivery by calling 1-877-C-Parts1 (1-877-272-7871). It’s the speediest way to install high-quality closets according to your budget, layout, and timeframe.

Speed Up Your Closets With ClosetParts

Install closets as quickly as possible with ClosetParts. We’ll help you locate and order the right parts for fast, affordable delivery.

This is the secret to running a successful closet company or home design business with clients who want fast solutions. To learn more, see our FAQ and contact ClosetParts today.
Start Your Order Online or call 1-877-C-Parts1 (1-877-272-7871)